“What do you want to learn? How do you want to improve your English?”

That’s where we start when you contact us. We’ll complete an assessment and determine how best to help you.

Our classes work with you to improve reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Some of the things we do in class: learn about American history and holidays, talk about current events, write about family and culture, listen and role play conversations. Our classes are small so everyone has a chance to talk!

  • Beginner classes focus on speaking and listening to say first words, phrases and sentences. You’ll role play talking in the grocery store, at the doctor’s office, with a child’s teacher, for instance.
  • Intermediate classes add in more complex phrases and sentences, with more time for reading and writing. We’ll focus on pronunciation, sentence structure, etiquette, and spelling.
  • Advanced classes practice reading, writing, and sharing. You’ll learn more about history and holidays, idioms, business writing, banking, healthcare, and more.

Our conversation time is one-on-one with a volunteer.

Maybe you’ll practice ordering coffee, playing board games, reading bills together to better understand…you get to share what you want to talk about and do to improve your English.

Our cultural events help you meet people from around the world learning just like you.

You’ll practice buying clothes, going to a restaurant, ordering food, learning about banking, sharing teas from other students and their culture, and even cooking an American Thanksgiving meal together.

We want you to be confident, meet your goals, have fun, and make friends.  Contact us today to tell us what you want to learn and make an appointment for an assessment.

ESOL Registration

We begin with an assessment to learn what class is best for you. This helps us know how well you speak, read, write, and understand spoken English so we can get you the best class and conversation time.

Make an appointment to take your assessment and see what class best fits you.

Cost for ESOL Support

ESOL support with classes, conversation, and events are available on a sliding scale based on your family income, ranging from $35 to $500 per semester. Student fees pay for curriculum and teaching staff. Contact us for more information.

ESOL students, teachers, and community gathered for an American Thanksgiving meal that students shopped for, cooked, and shared, thanks to a grant from Carrie Moore - Allstate
Volunteer Cathy Bertram cooked, sliced, and served turkey at our Thanksgiving meal
Grace shared with her teacher Deborah how learning English changed her life

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