Family Literacy brings together our child-focused reading intervention program and our adult-focused ESOL program and includes the community.

Our vision of fostering lifelong learning means that it’s never too late to begin learning, and we never stop learning throughout our lives.

Saying I don’t know but I want to learn can take bravery. In our space, we welcome that and encourage trying new things.

  • Want to learn how to change a tire?
  • Build a budget you can stick to? Learn CPR?
  • How to read a ballot to vote (and What is a ballot)?

These are questions that everyone can ask and learn together.

If you are a Business person, be our Subject Matter Expert and share what you know!

We are working to build our financial literacy, digital literacy, health literacy, media literacy, automotive literacy, and voting/civics literacy programming.

Goat Yoga
Family Literacy Day
Voter Trivia Day

Let's Work Together!