For more than 50 percent of children, reading takes effort. For about 20 percent of those children, reading is extremely difficult because of a learning and/or attention challenge. Those challenges are generally inherited. If you’ve said:

  • “I wasn’t good in school, so it makes sense that they aren’t either.”
  • “She just needs to work harder, and she’ll get it.”
  • “He’ll just need a football scholarship to go to college.”

The chances are that your child is struggling with reading. It’s never too late. Every child can learn to read with help. We use a multi-sensory structured literacy curriculum based in Orton Gillingham. We’ll share what we’re doing with you and give you some tools to help at home. Our work is not like RTI at school, or group tutoring with a specialist. Our tutoring focuses on what this child needs to learn individually, going at that child’s pace.

With one-on-one tutoring twice a week, and help from a parent/caregiver, a child’s reading level will increase. In our first summer session, 90% of children improved two reading levels over 12 weeks. Once a child can decode words – read – at a higher level, we add in other tools, including spelling, vocabulary, fluency (speed and emotion of reading), and reading comprehension.

What does an improved reading level look like?

  • Higher confidence when faced with a word they don’t know
  • Reduced fear when asked to read aloud
  • Greater interest in learning
  • Better critical thinking and understanding
  • Better spelling

Cost for Reading Intervention Support

Reading Intervention support begins with our skills assessment, which costs $60. The assessment takes an average of an hour, but is dependent on each child’s ability. After the assessment, we review materials with the caregiver and offer a recommendation on how we can help. Ongoing Reading Intervention is offered on a sliding scale, depending on family income, ranging from $15-$60 a session.

Register for an assessment today!

At registration, pay the $60 registration fee which includes  the assessment and you’ll choose your day and time for your child’s assessment. At the end of the assessment, we’ll provide results and make a plan for support.  Every child deserves the ability to read and be successful in school. Scholarships are available. Tutoring will be for 1 hour twice a week.

Additional questions? Please call or email.

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